Programs / Funds

CFUS encourages and supports academic activity and scholarly inquiry in the field of Ukrainian Studies at the post-secondary level, primarily in Canada, administering a number of endowment funds that provide for grants, scholarships, awards and programming.


Applications for the following awards or grants are received and managed by Universities as noted.

  • Robert F. Clark Graduate Fellowship in Ukrainian Language and Literature (contact: University of Toronto, ON)
  • Neporany Doctoral Fellowship
    (contact: CIUS, University of Alberta, AB)
  • The Danylo Husar Struk and Oksana Pisetska Struk Endowment Fund
    (contact: CIUS, University of Alberta, AB)
  • Bukachevska-Pastushenko Archival Fund in Ukrainian Studies
    (contact: CIUS, University of Alberta, AB)
  • The John Stashuk BC Scholarship Fund
    (contact: University of Victoria, BC)


Applications for the following grants and awards are received by CFUS.

  • CFUS Scholarly Publications Program
  • The Olga Wirsta Award in Communications, Journalism, and Media Studies
  • The Stephania Bubniuk Award in Journalism Studies
  • Curkowskyj Fund


The following Funds were set up to support very specific activities or projects.

Annual grants are allocated automatically to designated projects.

No applications are considered for any of these funds.

  • Michael Kowalsky and Daria Mucak-Kowalsky Fund
  • Holowacz Family Fund
  • Robert F. Clark Ukrainian-Canadian Endowment Fund
  • The General Pavlo Shandruk and Olha Shandruk Endowment Fund
  • The George S. N. Luckyj Ukrainian Literature Translation Prize
  • The Peter and Olya Savaryn Fund