The Bohdan Medwidsky Fund

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The Bohdan Medwidsky Fund generates an annual grant – The Bohdan Medwidsky Grant – to support the study of Ukrainian culture and traditions undertaken at the Kule Folklore Centre at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. Any of the following activities may be supported:

  • research undertaken by established scholars in Ukrainian culture and traditions
  • workshops, conferences, or public lectures on themes relevant to Ukrainian culture and traditions
  • publications of original works on any theme related to Ukrainian culture and traditions
  • the translation of manuscripts and publications related to Ukrainian culture and traditions
  • projects aimed at documentation and preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage
  • the development of research and educational resources, including online resources, exhibits, and other research projects at the Kule Folklore Centre related to Ukrainian culture and traditions.



The amount of the annual grant is dependent on the annual income earned by the Fund.



CFUS informs the Kule Folklore Centre of the total amount of monies available for allocation by May 31st.

The Kule Folklore Centre determines at its sole discretion the allocation of the monies to specific projects and/or activities. Beneficiary projects and/or activities must comply with the purpose of the grant as described above. The allocation may be done through competition or designation. Each year’s grant must be spent within a 12-month period.



The Kule Folklore Centre submits an annual report to CFUS on how The Bohdan Medwidsky Grant was utilized, including the names of scholars and projects that were supported. This information is posted on the CFUS website – see ‘Bohdan Medwidsky Grant Recipients’.

Each subsequent grant is contingent on CFUS receiving a satisfactory report on how the previous year’s grant was utilized.



The Bohdan Medwidsky Fund was established at CFUS in 2017 pursuant to the wishes of Dr. Bohdan Medwidsky.

Dr. Bohdan Medwidsky (1936-2021) was an academic, a folklorist, a builder of the Ukrainian Folklore Program at the University of Alberta, a community activist and a philanthropist who dedicated his time to the study and development of Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian folkloristics, traditional Ukrainian songs and proverbs in Canada.



Contact the Kule Folklore Centre regarding grant applications or for information about past recipients and beneficiaries.

Contact CFUS to donate to The Bohdan Medwidsky Fund or for general information about the Fund and the Grant it generates.