The General Pavlo Shandruk and Olha Shandruk Endowment Fund

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The General Pavlo Shandruk and Olha Shandruk Endowment Fund was created at CFUS in 2011 by means of a bequest donation from the Brotherhood of Veterans of the First Division of the Ukrainian National Army, Toronto Branch, to the Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies.




The Fund’s primary purpose is to support scholarly research (including its dissemination) on the involvement of Ukraine and Ukrainians in World War II from the perspective of Ukraine’s national and democratic state-building interests.




The annual research grant issued shall be a minimum of $2,000.

The disbursement of the annual grant is administered in accordance with the Foundation’s policies and procedures.




For the first ten years of the Fund’s existence (from 2012 to 2021), the preferred recipient of the annual research grant will be the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine (IEU) Project (managed by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta) provided that (a) the research grant is used exclusively to finance the scholarly research and design of those pages of the IEU web site that deal with Ukrainian military history, in general, and/or with the involvement of Ukrainians in World War II, in particular, and (b) the funded work receives a favourable rating from the bi-annual reviews undertaken by CFUS.

If either of the above conditions is not met to the satisfaction of CFUS before the ten-year mark is reached, a search process will be undertaken to identify a new, appropriate candidate. The search process shall be conducted in accordance with CFUS policies and procedures regarding such matters. Thereafter, a search process will be conducted annually to identify the best candidate who meets the terms and conditions of the Fund.

If the IEU Project remains a bona fide recipient of the annual research grant for 10 years, in the eleventh year of the said Fund the Foundation shall undertake a comprehensive review of the file to determine whether to continue awarding the annual grant to the IEU Project or to seek new candidates for the grant.

As an exception to the terms of the Fund outlined in this agreement, in any year where there are no appropriate candidates for the annual grant the amount will be deferred to the following year or will be recapitalized.



The grant recipient shall submit a written report to the Foundation on the research and related activities that were funded by the grant. If the research resulted in an article, publication or presentation, a complimentary copy of the said article, publication or presentation shall also be submitted to the Foundation for its files.