The George S. N. Luckyj Ukrainian Literature Translation Prize

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The Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies established the George S. N. Luckyj Ukrainian Literature Translation Prize to recognize an individual’s extensive and/or significant contribution to the translation of Ukrainian belletristic works into English. The prize is named in honour of the late Professor George S. N. Luckyj, an eminent Ukrainian Canadian Slavist, editor, and translator of Ukrainian literature.

The Prize is available to be awarded biennially and is supported by the CFUS George S. N. Luckyj Fund, set up in 1998. The Prize was launched in 2009.




The amount of the award is $2,000.

Also, the recipient’s name is added to the Luckyj Prize plaque that is currently hanging in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Toronto.




CFUS appoints an ad hoc 3-person jury to recommend a candidate for the Prize. The 3-person jury consists of a chairperson, who is appointed by the CFUS Executive from among its members; and two other individuals, at least one of whom teaches Ukrainian literature in English translation and/or translates Ukrainian literary works into English. If possible, a past recipient of the prize is invited to sit on the jury.

The jury works independently and compiles a list of potential candidates for review, including their resumés and the bibliographies of the works they have translated. Any CFUS Board member may recommend candidates for the jury to consider.

The CFUS Executive votes on the jury’s recommendation and, if approved, passes a resolution to pay the full value of the prize to the designated recipient.

The list of candidates considered by the selection jury in any given year remains private and confidential. A candidate may be considered more than once for the Prize but can receive the Prize only once.