Curkowskyj Fund

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The Curkowskyj Fund, in accordance with the wishes of Christine Curkowskyj, the primary donor of the Fund, is used to support the scholarly research activities undertaken by the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre (UCRDC), such as, but not limited to:

  • providing grants to established scholars or scholarships to qualified students to undertake research relevant to the Centre’s mandate;
  • organizing workshops, conferences, exhibits, or public lectures on themes relevant to the Centre’s mandate;
  • supporting publications and educational materials on themes relevant to the Centre’s mandate.

An annual grant is issued to the Centre every spring, beginning March 2015.

The Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre (UCRDC) is a community institution that collects, catalogues, and preserves material documenting the history, culture and contributions of Ukrainians throughout the world. The Centre produces documentary films, prepares educational materials, and sponsors lectures, conferences and exhibits on various topics related to Ukrainian issues. The Centre is currently housed in St. Vladimir Institute, Toronto, Ontario. It is a registered Canadian charity.

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