Mission / Aims & Objectives

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CFUS supports the advancement of Ukrainian studies by funding research, scholarly contacts and publications, development of educational resources, and higher education, particularly in Canada.




  • To support the initiation, development, and implementation — particularly in Canadian universities — of Ukrainian Studies in the form of scholarly teaching and research pertaining to Ukraine and/or the Ukrainian community in Canada;
  • To support the development, coordination, and financing of research and scholarly publication in the field of Ukrainian Studies at Canadian universities and elsewhere; as well as the preparation, production, and dissemination of materials of an instructional nature needed in Ukrainian Studies;
  • To support the development and implementation of post-secondary professional studies and development of resources related to the education and training of teachers of Ukrainian subjects on the elementary and secondary level;
  • To assist in the establishment and maintenance of contacts among individuals active in the field of Ukrainian Studies by encouraging and supporting conferences, and other similar activities, including exchanges related to Ukrainian Studies both within Canada and between Canada and other countries;
  • To cooperate with and assist in programs and activities designed to encourage and prepare students at all levels for participation in Ukrainian Studies at post-secondary institutions; and, to encourage students in Canadian post-secondary institutions to participate in Ukrainian Studies courses;
  • To collect and administer funds in support of the above aims and objectives, and to enter into any arrangement with universities, government authorities or other bodies conducive to the Foundation’s aims and objectives; and to obtain from any such body or authority any financial assistance, rights, privileges or concessions that the Foundation may think it desirable to obtain.