Who We Are

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The Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies (CFUS) is dedicated to securing funds to support the growth and development of Ukrainian studies in Canada and elsewhere.

Since its creation in 1975 by the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation, CFUS has contributed over three million dollars to grants for various publications, scholarly and educational research projects, annual scholarships, teaching of new university level courses, exploration of Ukrainian cinema, public lectures, and conferences or symposia on topics pertaining to Ukraine or to Ukrainians in Canada. Our initiative supports the work of scholars and graduate students of Ukrainian studies at the universities of Alberta, British Columbia, McGill, Newfoundland, Ottawa, Queens, Toronto and Victoria in Canada, and at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Ostroh Academy national universities in Ukraine, among others.




Ukrainian studies continue to be a vital source of objective information about Ukraine and Ukrainian communities in the diaspora. To compete nationally and internationally, CFUS ensures that our knowledge and information base continues to evolve and develop on par with that of other fields.

University-level Ukrainian studies are essential for the healthy growth and development of Ukrainian communities in Canada and elsewhere. A thriving Ukrainian presence in the academic world is of equal importance to its representation in medicine, law, communications, and other fields.

Ukrainian studies in Canada are particularly vulnerable in today’s global economic climate. Most university programs, even major ones with assured funding, are seeking additional sponsors and donors to help them. We cannot afford to lose or weaken the Ukrainian studies programs and initiatives that already exist in Canada, and we also need to build for the future.

For these reasons, CFUS is committed to supporting innovative approaches to Ukrainian studies, now and for future generations, and to promoting a better public understanding of Ukraine.