R. F. Clark Ukrainian-Canadian Studies Endowment Fund

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R. F. Clark Ukrainian-Canadian Studies Endowment Fund




As willed by the estate of Mr. Robert F. Clarke, this Fund was set up to support scholarly activities undertaken by The Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre (KUCSC) at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) at the University of Alberta.

An annual grant, based on the annual earnings of the Fund, is issued to the Centre.



The Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre at CIUS is dedicated to promoting scholarship on all aspects of the history of Ukrainians in Canada. It is equally concerned to produce high quality publications on subjects that pertain to the evolution of the Ukrainian Canadian community and issues relevant to its contemporary existence.

One of the goals of the KUCSC is to provide accurate and detailed information about Ukrainians in Canada. Another objective is to facilitate the integration of the Ukrainian experience into the narrative of Canadian history.

By working with graduate and undergraduate students, the Centre also plays a key role in nurturing and developing the next generation of specialists in the field. It collaborates with other scholars and academic institutions in Canada and Ukraine on projects of mutual interest, and similarly partners with volunteer organizations dedicated to the preservation of Ukrainian Canadian heritage.

The Centre at the same time realizes that it has a responsibility to serve, as best it can, the needs of the general public and the Ukrainian Canadian community. Although constrained by the limitations of its human and financial resources, the KUCSC attempts to provide advice and practical assistance to individuals and groups with requests that fall within the competence of its staff and associates.

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