The Peter and Olya Savaryn Fund





The Peter and Olya Savaryn Award supports a range of scholarly activities undertaken by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS), such as:

  • providing grants to established scholars to support their research activities in Ukrainian Studies;
  • organizing workshops, conferences, or public lectures on themes relevant to Ukrainian Studies;
  • supporting publications of original works on any theme in Ukrainian Studies; and
  • supporting the translation of manuscripts and publications related to Ukrainian or Ukrainian-Canadian topics.




The amount of monies available annually for disbursement is determined by the annual income earned by the CFUS Savaryn Fund that supports this Award.

In 2014, the amount available for disbursement is $891; the CIUS project(s) to be supported by these monies remains to be identified.




CFUS informs CIUS of the total amount of monies available for allocation by the 31st of March of each year.

CIUS determines the allocation of the monies to specific projects and/or activities. Beneficiary projects and/or activities must comply with the general purpose of the Award described above. The allocation may be done through competition or designation, at CIUS’s discretion.

In any year where there are no appropriate projects or candidates for the Savaryn Award, the amount can be deferred to the following year or be returned to capital.




CIUS submits an annual report to CFUS on how the Savaryn Award monies were allocated, including the names of recipients, where relevant. This information will be posted on the CFUS Web site under the rubric ‘Savaryn Fund Recipients’.




In 1996, the Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies (CFUS) created The Peter Savaryn Award for Contribution to the Development of Ukrainian Studies to honour Mr. Peter Savaryn for his many years of dedicated service and contribution to Ukrainian Studies.

In 1997, during the presentation of the Award to Mr. Savaryn, Mrs. Olya Savaryn generously matched the value of the Award by making a personal donation. Mr. Savaryn then asked that the Award be renamed The Peter and Olya Savaryn Award. It was so agreed.

As per the CFUS Board’s direction in 1996, the monies in the Fund supporting the Award were to be endowed and, therefore, subject to CFUS’s Endowment Policy. Subsequently, it was also agreed that:

  • the Fund’s principal would not be touched, at least for several years, until it was able to generate a reasonable annual income;
  • prior to activating the Fund, CFUS would consult with Mr. Savaryn (or his designate) regarding how the annual grant or bursary would be directed;
  • the available annual income generated by the Fund would be used to support Ukrainian Studies in Alberta.

The Award was launched in February 2014.



Contact CIUS for information on Award recipients or how to access Award funds –

Contact CFUS to donate to the Savaryn Fund or for general information about the Fund and the Award it supports (coordinates listed under Contact Us).